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Am I allowed to have someone with me for moral support?

● You may bring one person. We prefer you come alone due to the size of the studio.

Are children allowed in the studio?

● No, you must be 18 years or older to be in the tattoo studio.

Do you have a piercer or offer piercing jewelry?

● No, we do not have a piercer or piercing jewelry.

Do you take Walk-Ins?

● Yes, and they are on a First Come First Serve Basis. There is no wait list and you have to be present when it is your turn.

Do you offer consultations?

● Yes, we do and they are free. You will have to contact the artist and schedule a consultation with them.

How do I schedule an appointment?

● Please contact your artist directly or contact the shop(303) 953-8310 and someone will provide you the information to contact the artists.

What can I bring to my appointment?

● If you are a new client, please bring a government-issued photo ID (License, State ID, or Passport) with you to your first appointment. Please have your reference pictures and anything else your artist requested to bring to your appointment. Feel free to bring your headphones, a tablet, book, blanket, bottled water or any other non-alcoholic beverage with a lid, and a snack. There will be snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase in the studio.

Should my skin be perfectly clear?

● General rule: the clearer the better. Dry, chaffed, sunburned, irritated, cut, and/or broken out skin will not tattoo well. If you are suffering from any type of skin issue, we ask you reschedule your appointment.

Can I use a numbing cream?

● We recommend you consult with your artist. We do have numbing cream available for purchase in the studio.

Are pets allowed?

● No pets allowed. Service animals will be allowed with information provided, as dictated by the ADA

How do I prepare if this is my first tattoo?

● Please see our page for Tattoo Preparation.

Is a deposit required to book an appointment?

● Yes. Each artist manages their own booking and you will have to contact them for booking and deposit information. You can call the shop (303) 953-8310 and we can get you in contact with an artist.

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