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Tattoo Preparation

● Make sure to bring your ID. We cannot tattoo you if you do not have an ID.

● Drink plenty of water the week of your tattoo so your skin is healthy and hydrated for the day of your tattoo.

● Get plenty of rest the night prior to your tattoo.

● Do not drink alcohol the night before or the day of your tattoo.

● Eat a well-balanced meal prior to your tattoo.

● Bring something to drink, lunch, and snacks. It can be a long day and will need to refuel.

● Wear sunscreen a week or so prior to your tattoo. It is important that you do not get sunburned prior to your tattoo because sunburned skin can not be tattooed and you will have to reschedule.

● Do not shave the area where you will be getting your tattoo. The artist will take care of that in the shop. They cannot tattoo if the skin is irritated or cut and you will have to reschedule.

● If you are sick, please reschedule your appointment. A tattoo will make your immune system weaker and we do not want to make you even more sick. It might take a longer to get your tattoo but your body will thank you.

● Do not get tattooed while antibiotics are in your system. This raises your risk for infection or other issues.

● Dress comfortably and wear clothes that you do not mind getting ruined. There is a possibility of ink/blood getting on your clothes and we do not want to ruin your favorite outfit.

● Dress accordingly for the location of the tattoo and/or bring a short sleeve shirt, tank top, bikini top, or shorts you can change into. You are welcome to bring a blanket for extra coverage and/or to keep you warm. You can get cold during the tattoo

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